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Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app
Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app
Glory 4G LTE Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app
Voorzien van de nieuwste LinckEazi app (geen gedoe meer met foto's/video's op een mail)



€ 469,00
Prijs per stuk
Wildcamera / Bewakingscamera Glory 4G LTE Cloud met live video + LinckEazi app

Voorzien van de nieuwste LinckEazi app (geen gedoe meer met foto's/video's op een mail). Instellingen van het toestel veranderd u op afstand via de app en alle foto's en video's zijn mooi overzichtig te zien in de app.

Uovision Glory 4G LTE wireless trail camera is fully supporting Free LinckEazi Cloud platform!

LinckEazi Cloud platform supporting cameras are easily managed via the Free Mobile APP and/or web portal. This means that you get full control of your Uovision cameras and images or videos wherever you are.

The advantages of LinckEazi supported cloud cameras over the “traditional wireless models” are:

  • Very easy to install and get started with
  • Sending commands or changing settings to your camera is free thru the cloud. No more expensive SMS commands!
  • All images and videos are collected in a free APP and web portal that gives you a good overview of your pictures and cameras
  • Unlimited cameras can be added to each account
  • Up to 12 guest accounts can be created and 12 cameras can be shared. Perfect for hunting teams and associations, government departments, local authorities and companies etc.
  • Sends high resolution images and video to the cloud service and/or to your e-mail if needed

The APP quickly receives photo or video information from your camera and gives a very good overview of the camera’s settings, structuring the images in an optimal way regardless of how many cameras you use. You have full access to the camera’s photos and video and can change any settings from the APP or the web no matter where in the world you are. The installation is also simple – the camera automatically connects to the operator’s network and connects quickly with the APP!

Uovision Glory 4G LTE Cloud 20MP Full HD Trail Camera

Photo & Video Quality
Uovision Glory LTE (4G) 20MP Full HD Cloud delivers very high image quality regardless of whether it is day or night. The camera can be set in the following resolutions: 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, 10MP, 12MP and 20MP. The camera can be set to take 1-10 pictures in succession during detection. The video quality is adjustable in three different resolutions, 1080P (Full HD) or 720P and VGA, all three with sound recording (sound recording can be switched off if desired).
At night, the camera takes black and white pictures, this is because the camera takes care not to scare animals or be exposed to human detection. The camera is equipped with a newly developed invisible flash. The High Power Flash gives a much smoother light flux than before with a range of about 15 meters. Flash power is Adjustable, if needed.

Camera Scene / Scene Mode
Glory LTE (4G) 20MP Cloud has a photo function called Camera Scene / Scene mode, which is completely unique on this type of camera! In practice, this function means that you can optimize the photographing based on the type of motif or object you want to shoot in order to achieve an even better result.
Below you can read what the camera does in the different scene modes:

This mode is suitable for most applications and we recommend that you start with this as your default mode. In auto mode, the camera takes pictures in resolution 8MP during the day and 3MP pictures at night.

Close object:
This option is suitable if the photo subject range will be a maximum of 5 meters. The IR flash is optimized to prevent overexposure. The camera’s focus distance is 3 meters.

Mobile object:
This option is for fast moving objects, the camera is set to shorter shutter speeds to reduce motion blur.

Stationary objects:
In this scene mode, the camera will have a relatively long shutter speed to create a brighter image than “normal”. The object to be photographed in this position must be relatively still.

Chasing photo:
The camera allows the PIR / motion sensor to be triggered up to 3 times within 15 seconds without being limited by the PIR interval so that more images can be obtained within the same “PIR trip”.

Send Functionality
The camera transmits images and video over 4G network. The Uovision Glory LTE (4G) 20MP Cloud has by far the best picture quality of pictures and videos. The stills have a full 3264×2448 resolution. The camera can also send high-resolution video clips to e-mail in 1080P HD resolution (10 seconds) with very good quality sound recording. If you want longer video sequences then it goes well up to 30 seconds in a lower resolution. The video can then be opened in most smartphones and tablets (MOV format).

The image or video is sent immediately after the camera has taken it. Should you wish to, you are free to limit the camera to only send a certain number of pictures per day, from 1 image to unlimited.

Along with the image you will get information about the date and time the photo was taken, temperature, battery strength, moon phase, signal strength and SD card status. A picture is taken because the PIR motion sensor was triggered or it is a Time Lapse generated image or an image was requested by command via APP or web portal.

Uovision Glory LTE (4G) 20MP Cloud has a state-of-the-art Wireless module and transmits the images very quickly even when reception is not optimal. The camera automatically switches between both the 2- & 3G networks to find the best reception. This increases the likelihood that the picture / video is sent .

Time Lapse, Hours and Movement
This is a function that optimizes the surveillance ability of the camera, and Uovision is unique in its way of being able to combine these three functions simultaneously.

Time Lapse is a function that shoots at a set time interval. If you set the camera’s Time Lapse function for 8 hours, for example, the camera will take a picture / video every 8 hours regardless of whether there is movement or not in front of the camera. This is a very smart feature if you want to keep track of a thermometer in your holiday home or caravan, check the camera’s status or monitor a particular item or feature. The potential area of ​​use is very wide. This function can of course be combined with the PIR / motion sensor and/or with the timer.

The Timer allows you to decide which days and at which times the motion sensor on the camera should be active. Glory LTE is the only one on the market to have so-called weekly hours so that you can set 2 different times every weekday Monday-Friday. This is a very useful function when monitoring for example a workplace, and can be combined with the Time Lapse function.

Motion Sensor & Response Time
The Uovision Glory LTE (4G) 20MP Cloud has a state-of-the-art sensor with a wide detection area that is adapted to the camera’s angle of view. The camera’s motion sensor has a long range and high sensitivity, and can be set in 3 different modes: Low, Auto and High. The Glory LTE reacts very fast in High, only 0.6 seconds (on other modes 1.2 seconds and 0.9 seconds).
The function can be combined with Timer and Time Lapse.

Remote Control
With the mobile APP or web portal you can easily control or change the camera’s settings, free! With the remote control function turned on, the camera consumes slightly more power because it is online. The function can be set to be active from every half hour up to 24 hours a day. We recommend using external 6V power if you use the function frequently.

A selection of features that can be changed free of charge using free LinckEazi Cloud service:

  • Request the camera to take a picture or video and send it to you
  • Switch on / off the camera’s broadcast function.
  • Switch between photos and video modes
  • The strength of the flash
  • Resolution

The LinckEazi APP downloads via Google Play (Android) or APP store (iOS).

Built-in 2.4 “LCD color display and illuminated keypad makes it easy to navigate the menu and see captured images in the display. Because the display is on the front of the camera, it makes it a lot easier to align the camera when setting up, as you see it directly in the camera’s display.

Multi-Language Menu
Camera has 10 language options inside the menu: English, French, German, Italian, Czech, Hungary, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.

SD Memory Card
SDHC cards must be used for the camera to work. The camera stores all the pictures and videos on the memory card. If you do not want to keep multiple images or videos and wish to empty the memory card then the function “overwrite” means that when the memory card is full, the camera automatically writes over the oldest file (the function is selectable: on / off). The camera supports SDHC memory cards in sizes 2-32GB. We recommend 16GB and not high write/read speed.

Power Supply
Uovision Glory LTE (4G) 20MP Cloud holds 12 AA batteries. We recommend using High Quality alkaline batteries because they do not lose capacity at freezing temperatures and have a longer life. The camera can also be operated with 6 volt external power together with Uovision 6V power cable.

The camera can easily be mounted with the included strap on a tree. Wall brackets are available as an accessory – using wall brackets means you can more easily find the correct angle for your camera set-up.

Technical Specification

Image resolution: 20MP, 12MP, 10MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP
Video resolution: Full HD (1080P) or HD (720P) or VGA
Invisible Flash: adjustable 50% or 100%
Display: 2.4 “LCD
SD Memory card support: 2GB up to 32GB
Adjustable PIR: Low, Auto, High
PIR response time: 0.6 sec
PIR interval: 0 seconds to 60 minutes (at transmission recommended at least 30sec)
Time Lapse: 5 sec – 55 sec or 1 min – 55 min, or 1 h – at 24 hour intervals
Picture series: 1-10 images
Video length: 5-60 seconds (max 30sec send video length)
Battery: 12 x AA
External power port: 6V
Password protection: 4 digit PIN code
Location: Yes
Secure connection: Yes, SSL, TLS, SSL / TLS
Supports the following networks: 4G, WCDMA, 900 / 2100MHz GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
Tripod thread: Yes
IP rating: 54
Size: 140mm x 95mm x 57mm
Weight: 474 grams (without batteries)
Outputs: USB, 6V DC
Operating temperature: -30c … + 60c
Warranty: 1 year
CE, FCC and RoHS approved

Accessories Included
User Manual
Strap for mounting
21cm foldable antenna

Als extra keuze kunt u kiezen voor 12 batterijen, sd-kaart en KPN sim-kaart