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Wild Sleephaak / Hondenlijn - Runlock

Wild Sleephaak / Hondenlijn



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Two perfect tools, carefully selected to fit the active hunter. No16 is strong and flexible, a tool for every situation, perfect for pulling games, or securing cargo. The dog leash is developed over years of testing during hunting and in harsh environments, and with its flexibility and easy adjustments it is the only leash you’ll ever need!

3,5m No 16
Hunting Leash

Indispensable tools for the hunter


3,5m No 16

  • Strong and durable, yet soft and pliable
  • Easy to connect and extend
  • Create locks, snares or loops in an instant
  • Lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket
  • Connect several ropes to pull game by hand

Hunting Leash

  • Hands free or hand held hunting leash
  • No collar needed, no noisy chains or hooks
  • Controlled choke function (semi choke).
  • Fluorescent colours, clearly visible
  • Easy to wash in machine at 40 degrees

Runlock No.16 The all-round tool

The convenient and versatile tool for hunters.
Perfect for hanging and preparing of the game before transport. Make a simple loop and pull i through the nostrils and over the nose of the game and you can easily pull it out of the forest with help of a 4x4 or by linking several Runlock ropes together and pull it out by hand. Easy to adjust and comfortable to handle.

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