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Ballistol Demper Reiniger - SILENCER CLEANER
Ballistol Demper Reiniger - SILENCER CLEANER



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The silencer cleaner dissolves and neutralises combustion residues. Silencers are particularly difficult to clean if they can not be dismantled. Although carbon silencers with narrow sections on fins and small holes improve the performance of the silencer, the silencer cleaning is much more difficult . With the Ballistol silencer cleaner, the residues in the dirty silencer can be easily cleaned out. Suitable also for use in a sonic cleaner.


The surfactant-containing, acid-free and odourless silencer cleaner dissolves and neutralises combustion residues automatically without the use of further tools. Contains rust protection additives.

  • Dissolves and neutralises combustion residues automatically
  • Protects against rust due to high-quality additive
  • Contains surfactants
  • Gentle on materials
  • Acid-free and odourless
  • Colour change as a dissolving indicator
  • No need for further tools
  • Optional rubber cork available to seal the silencer
Close silencer on one side and fill completely. Leave the cleaner in the silencer for at least 2 hours. All combustion residues will be dissolved automatically. In the case of silencers with particularly high firing loads, heat the cleaner to approx. 40 °C and extend the exposure time to at least 4 hours. Then remove the cleaner. To dissolve remaining dirt, fill half of the damper with clear water. Close the second opening and shake vigorously. If necessary, repeat this rinsing process until the water no longer contains soot particles. If the silencer cannot be closed (due to its design), it can be completely immersed in the cleaner. Also suitable for dismountable silencers. Insert dirty parts and clean with a brush and water after the reaction time.