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Paracord Black 3mm (100m)
Paracord Black 3mm (100m)
Paracord Black 3mm (100m)
€ 12,50
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This durable 100 metre roll of 3mm diameter black coloured nylon paracord is supplied on a heavy duty roll making it ideal for larger jobs and team/unit use. The cord is manufactured from rot resistant polypropylene which is rugged and resistant to many chemicals, solvents, bases and acids. This paracord has thousands of essential military and survival uses, including basha and shelter building, communications (comm cord), trip wires and other emergency repairs. Paracord is great at securing kit and abnormal loads to personal equipment and vehicles and makes great emergency boot laces. This particular cord features a tough protective and wear-resistant outer sheath.

Length: 100m.
Wight: 520g.
Colour: Black.