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Family with a Passion for Hunting

We are Frans and Barbara Schmets, with two sons, Swen aged 26, and Dylan aged 16. Frans comes from a true lineage of hunters and has been hunting himself since the 1970s. Swen also possesses the hunter's blood and frequently accompanies us on hunting trips. Even our youngest son Dylan often joins us and has hunting in his blood. Therefore, we are particularly proud that we have been able to pass something on to our children. The hunting tradition and love for management will undoubtedly continue within this family.

Waidmann is a family business driven by a deep passion for hunting and outdoor activities. In our store, you will not only find high-quality hunting equipment but also a community of like-minded individuals sharing stories and exchanging experiences. We strive to provide our customers not only with the best products but also with expert advice and a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home. At Waidmann, we look forward to welcoming you and exploring the beauty of nature together.

Waidmann specializes in  of hunting, outdoor, and dog supplies for hunters, gamekeepers, and dog owners.

Such as: optics, thermal imaging, and night vision scopes, hunting and outdoor clothing, camouflage clothing, boots and footwear, hunting equipment, camouflage nets and more, rangefinders, hunting knives, shooting sticks, decoys, calls, binoculars, and scopes, wildlife and surveillance cameras, feeders, and tree stands.

Our high-quality products are extensively tested in practice before being included in the collection.

With extensive experience in hunting and outdoor life, we aim to offer practical and useful items with a good price-performance ratio for sale."