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Rental of night vision and thermal imaging.

Products Per day   Weekend 
(4 days)      
(7 days)
Thermal imaging handheld T.W.V. 1.500 euro  € 30,- €   80,-     € 130,-    
Thermal imaging handheld T.W.V. 2.500 euro  € 35,- € 100,-    € 150,-
Night Vision Clip-on Dipol DN-34 Pro € 30,- € 100,- € 150,-
Thermal imaging Clip-on (not needed to sight in) € 75,- € 200,- € 275,-
Combination of Thermal imaging handheld and Night vision Clip-on € 50,- € 150,- € 225,-

Prices exclude € 24.95 shipping costs, if these need to be sent, an extra day's rental will be charged. We actually miss this by 3 to 4 days. If you would like to have a device shipped to you, only the weekend or weekly rate is possible.

Are you interested in purchasing a specific model?

Please contact us and we can take this into account and the rental amount will also be deducted from the purchase.

You must identify yourself with a valid passport, ID or driver's license.

Reservations, cancellations, collection, returns:
You can make a reservation by telephone 0031 (0) 43 450 3414 or by email
Cancellation is possible up to 3 working days before the start of the rental period.
Afterwards, 50% of the rental price will be charged.
Collection is possible during opening hours or by appointment at other times.
You return the rented property on the agreed date in the same condition as it was collected.
If the rented property is rented later than the agreed term, the costs will be charged
daily rate  charged per day.
If you decide to purchase after the rental period, we will settle the rental price.

Upon takeover, you sign the rental agreement after checking.
This rental agreement states the products, rental period and rental amount.

Security Deposit:
The deposit is €250, you will receive confirmation of this.
The deposit will be refunded immediately if you return everything in the same condition.

Waidmann is not liable for any damage caused during the rental period
through the use of You or third parties.
Any damage will be recovered from the tenant.